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Yah know, I used to enjoy this holiday and loved the chance to put on a costume. Recently, though, I moved to a job where I wear a jacket and tie every day and, frankly, I’m sick of being in a costume all week long. I cannot wait to get on the Metro on the way home and rip out the shirt, widen the tie noose by half a foot, undo 2 buttons, and turn myself into someone who looks like he just got his ass kicked by a big Xerox copier. It feel SO good. I mean, it’s not like I don’t like looking nice to look nice, but when it’s every day it really becomes a uniform…and a really fake obnoxious one at that. I’d so much rather wear a big red dog suit or something – at least that would be funny.

well I live with snakes and lizards
and other things that go bump in the night
cos to me everyday is halloween


SkyStrip-Vert About a week ago on, there were a couple of threads about “Process” in art as art itself. There are obviously as many interpretations of what that means as there are people thinking about it, but I decided to give it ago since I found the idea so interesting. The concept is to take a drawing from start to finish and to capture it in different stages along the way. Once the “final” image is “complete”, I’m going to go back and recreate several of the stages from scratch. That way, each stage that went into the final piece will actually “exist” in the form of an individual drawing and could be considered art in its own right (although, I intend to present them all together as one work once the project is done). Ultimately, I’d then like to take each stage and turn it into something new…finish it…into something else other than what the “original” final piece ended up being. Ultimately, there should be a series of works that, together, materially communicate the process of art in its literal mechanized form as well as the fact that we always leave paths untaken behind us…

The image to the left of this entry is the series I’ll be working on for this. The last image is the first “complete” piece. The previous images are stages that I’ll have to recreate (although I probably wont use all of them).

I’ll track this as its own page in this blog after this post…

(Image links to larger image)

Argh. I just saw a posting on “iPod etiquette” somewhere. Some of the suggestions were fine (“Don’t leave your phones on while others are talking to you.”), but I take issue with (and it’s not the first time I’ve heard this) the whole “Don’t bop and drum and whatever to your music – the rest of the world can’t hear it.” “rule”. You know what? If you’re listening to something that makes you bounce a little…then bounce dammit. Who cares if no one else can hear it? You’re lucky, they’re not :)

(And God bless Document Recovery today…)

As I’m trying to get a (some) piece(s) ready for the MOCAdc Heads or Tails show, I’m realizing that I have 15 years of half-done and slightly immature art laying around that could potentially be turned into pieces that I’d consider trying to send to shows.

So, with that in mind (and thanks to my wife), I’ve started to try and clean up and update some of that older body of work. It’s a scary process, though, because I could really mess some shit up that way…most of those pieces I left that way for a reason.

The first piece was my Lady Lazarus (Collette) piece. It didn’t need that much work, but since I’d like to take it to the show and frame it I thought I’d try and fix up a couple of things.

What I found out was that: Even though a piece might have hard, ugly lines and not be what you think they should look like, those misfeatures of it give it a character and are part of why you love the piece in the first place.

In this example, I changed her eye a bit unintentionally and I was having a tough time putting it right (same with the smile). In human faces, just the slightest nudge of a feature in any direction is enough to put the whole thing off.

Luckily, I think I’ll be able to fix that.

Here are the two images compared:

ladylazaruscoletteLazarus Revived

First post (obviously). I never know what to say when I’m talking to no one in particular…in fact, I usually resort to pasting random quotes from random people without any context or background since it’s effectively just as meaningful as whatever it is I’d say myself.

(This is, for the record, completely different than what it’s like talking TO myself – those conversations are, by definition, always lucid and astute!)

Anyway, I’ve found that I communicate with the world around me much more effectively through my “art” (as in, any random scribbling whatsoever that isn’t obviously a written language with syntax and grammar) – either through the work itself or by using the work as a jumping point for my own thoughts.

And, so, I have a blog now. Flickr really couldn’t cut it from an organization perspective and I’m absolutely NOT interested in running my own website again. I got tired of trying to keep up my patches with the Joneses exploits.

I could say something to YOU, whoever is reading this, but I’m no good at it. Just enjoy and feel free to comment – random strangers, dearest friends, and shakespearean enemies alike.

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