First post (obviously). I never know what to say when I’m talking to no one in particular…in fact, I usually resort to pasting random quotes from random people without any context or background since it’s effectively just as meaningful as whatever it is I’d say myself.

(This is, for the record, completely different than what it’s like talking TO myself – those conversations are, by definition, always lucid and astute!)

Anyway, I’ve found that I communicate with the world around me much more effectively through my “art” (as in, any random scribbling whatsoever that isn’t obviously a written language with syntax and grammar) – either through the work itself or by using the work as a jumping point for my own thoughts.

And, so, I have a blog now. Flickr really couldn’t cut it from an organization perspective and I’m absolutely NOT interested in running my own website again. I got tired of trying to keep up my patches with the Joneses exploits.

I could say something to YOU, whoever is reading this, but I’m no good at it. Just enjoy and feel free to comment – random strangers, dearest friends, and shakespearean enemies alike.