As I’m trying to get a (some) piece(s) ready for the MOCAdc Heads or Tails show, I’m realizing that I have 15 years of half-done and slightly immature art laying around that could potentially be turned into pieces that I’d consider trying to send to shows.

So, with that in mind (and thanks to my wife), I’ve started to try and clean up and update some of that older body of work. It’s a scary process, though, because I could really mess some shit up that way…most of those pieces I left that way for a reason.

The first piece was my Lady Lazarus (Collette) piece. It didn’t need that much work, but since I’d like to take it to the show and frame it I thought I’d try and fix up a couple of things.

What I found out was that: Even though a piece might have hard, ugly lines and not be what you think they should look like, those misfeatures of it give it a character and are part of why you love the piece in the first place.

In this example, I changed her eye a bit unintentionally and I was having a tough time putting it right (same with the smile). In human faces, just the slightest nudge of a feature in any direction is enough to put the whole thing off.

Luckily, I think I’ll be able to fix that.

Here are the two images compared:

ladylazaruscoletteLazarus Revived