So……the opening at MOCA was last night. I ultimately ended up hanging 4 pieces – even the one with a frame I was unhappy with (A lot of people liked it anyway, which goes to show there’s no accounting for taste).

It was an enjoyable evening and a lot of my good friends showed up – including a couple that I hadn’t seen in some time. The quality of work around mine was much better than I was expecting (and Im grateful for that!). I didn’t really meet too many of the artists, but I did talk to a couple of them. Unfortunately I really didn’t know who was who and since Im usually pretty shy in those situations, I didn’t go introduce myself. Some of my feedback to Dave will be that he should have artists wear nametags at openings (as they did at the City Hall heART of DC opening) so that the public walking through recognizes the artists and so the arists can recognize each other.

The coolest decision I made was to make a whole bunch of prints (at home with the photo printer and at Ritz via their 1-hour digital-photo kiosk) of almost all of my decent artwork. I brought those with me, showed a few people, and left a few at the show. Im definitely going to do that again! They all came out so well!

The prints also worked out because Cindy (a friend and ex-coworker) ended up seeing this picture:


…and asked (demanded?) to purchase it. I wasn’t going to sell it to her since she was a friend! (and I also didnt want to sell stuff at Dave’s gallery’s show that wasn’t up on the walls…thought it would be rude). But, I did offer it as a gift and Im going to take her to the DIY framers place in a couple of weeks to get it framed. Thatll be fun :) She agreed to let me put it in shows now and again if I need to. That works out well!