nudeman.jpgSoooo…the come-click-on-me subject line of this post [Edit: I changed the subject. I figured “girl-on-girl action!” showing up in logs at work all day would be a bad thing] isn’t exactly untruthful, just slightly misleading. Last night I hit up MOCA DC’s monthly introduction to the DC Figure Models Guild. It went (as far as comfort level) far better than expected. Everyone was extremely friendly and professional. Apparently there were a number of new models that night and all of them did really well. At some point, two of the girls (I forget their names – I meant to write them down and didn’t…I will next time) got together for a really soft, beautiful pose that was the highlight of the night.

As far as the “Jack’s Art” perspective goes, I found that without a detailed backdrop (it was just curtains and a futon in this case), I can’t draw figures -quickly- to save my life. The longest poses were only about 15 minutes, and most were 5-10 minutes long. I sucked at getting things down on paper that quickly. I’m so used to sketching something over and over and over on the same page until the form I want reveals itself that I couldn’t quite accomodate the do-it-right-the-first-time requirement of short poses. There was that and I also always put some amount of pressure on myself the first time I’m in a room drawing with a new group of artists, which hurts my drawing.
That said, the one picture that I did last night that I think came out really well was of a rather heavy man, but his poses were interesting and he was a lot more interesting to draw than a couple of the others

A girl to my left was doing these posts in -watercolor- on the fly and they were coming out just perfect. I was so jealous, but impressed! What a talent!

I didn’t find most of the men who modeled all that interesting…there’s a fluidity and a languid feel to what I like to draw that the men just didn’t exhibit.

During the course of the evening I worked in various flavors of pencil, charcoal, and pen and found that the best medium really depended on the model and the pose.
I’ll certainly be back again, but first I’m going to be hitting up the Wed. sessions at MOCA where they do long poses!