…and that’s why it’s such a creepy song. I mean, there are very few things in life that are less likely to be on your side than time. It is the constant competition, the eternal adversary, and the final lord over all life on the planet. You can’t possibly say and mean “time is on your side” without some level of malevolent intent..

But anyway, I really felt at last night’s Torpedo Factory class (taught by the always enlightening and -unique- Mrs. Priscilla Treacy) all of the ways that time was not on my side artistically in the least. Without dedicated time for art in my life – and a lot of it – all of the thousands of ideas building up in my head combine to form an amazing amoutn of pressure to get stuff out and done extremely quickly. I so rarely have the time to dedicate to letting an idea evolve. Once it’s out in a halfway decent form, I rarely get a chance to further explort it. Thats why Im focusing so much on that purple process sky despite the fact that I NEVER WANT TO WORK ON IT AGAIN. Heh :)

And this thought doesn’t just include thought development…but also personal technique development. There’s just so much to learn…


Anyway, my most recent quick-sketch is on flickr. Go read the description or something – I did the whole thing (drawing, editing, cropping, uploading, posting) from Starbucks in one sitting. heh :)

Starbucks JEsse