I’m at the tail end of a long (9 episodes, can yah hear me!) marathon of watching Nip Tuck on DVD. I had only seen one episode before, so it was all completely new. Outstanding series, but I bring it up only to introduce the two sketches I did tonight -one in pen, the other in pencil. (There’s a third in charcoal but Im still playing in the sandbox with her.) Both were of old pictures I found in an art magazine, so the subject matter isn’t original, but the look and feel of the finished works are uniquely mine (I particularly like the girl on the bottom left of the pencil drawing…she’s mine and me).

What I find interesting is how much more I love my sketches than my fully planned, large, art pieces that need quotes around the word “art” when I describe them. In some circles, it’s all about the artist’s vision and what he has to say. But, at least in my case, I find that what I want to “say” is just what I see. Not line for line, shade for shade, angle for angle, but how things are to me. How is that different you might ask? The former (my vision) is a whole lot more intellectual. Art done for that reason tends to use the medium for expressing the brain. Maybe it’s all about how your hear feels at the outset, but it still has to be filtered through that analytical engine upstairs – the part of your brain that is the Ticktockman to Harlan Ellison’s Harlequin of your heart.

But with sketches…I get a chance to put on paper (as maybe you do as well) what my heart and soul see. When you work that quickly and just -don’t care-, your brain takes a nap…or plays interstellar golf with God or …something. Why should such a big, important organ participate in idle doodles?

My brain never had that much interesting to say…and I think that’s true of most people. Really, it’s just a pattern recognition and prediction engine…a big calculator. It might be good at slicing and dicing my rawhumanity into forms more palatable for every day (Walmart) use, but that’s not very interesting is it? Not -unique- and not -me-.

At any rate, Nip Tuck let me zone out with its exquisite prefab’d entertainment, my brain went away, and I got to sketch today. I love it.

Quiet ClassThree Ladies in Pencil