This flickr girl is wicked cute, would have a great career as an illustrator, makes art that makes me smile, is jealous of us pie tasting for breakfast, and is the subject of this weekend’s sketch. I could do more with this picture, but as usual I may have chosen my own enjoyment of the process over your potential enjoyment as a viewer. How? By treating the material like music and dancing to it…It was a fun to do and a great close to the weekend.

just like stars

Should I finish it? Should I do it again as a “real” piece?? My problem is that I can do more than this, I really can (even with correct proportions!), but I don’t care. I can come up with gorgeously finished looking pieces..but…after some point…the drawing does what I want it to and doing any more work is done for the audience, not me.

(…and for those who have asked, the previous post was to everyone who might think it applies to them.)