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Uhm. I have a lot to post about this weekend. It was great. Almost 1,000 people showed up – holy crap. I also have some new ideas for non-traditional (for me) works. I’ll update this after I have some sleep…I think I snored at work once today. Heh.

Update: Got sleep last night! I’ll be putting up an entire page here on my install when I get home from work. In the mean time, here is the back of my installation. It links to event photos….

Rear Sign

My portrait installation at Flux in Arlington


My my my…what a week. I’m sitting at the Starbucks near the Danville auto body shop waiting to move furniture and I’m *completely* falling-down-the-stairs exhausted even before we start. What did I get myself into? Figuring out how to hang 24 pictures while holding down an actual job is way more complicated than you would think, on the face of it. No matter, everything is coming along nicely.

My final 24 pictures for the Flux art event in Arlington were selected this weeked, Ive begun writing stories for them, and have also made a lot of progress “finishing” some older work. That’s really what the title of this post is about: I’ve been working, today, on a number of drawings that I thought were done 6,7, and more years ago. A couple of them were started in Finland before I was married. It feels odd to revist those – they’ve been such a huge part of my headspace family. Imagine if your sister, who had always been 200lbs with brown eyes, suddenly came home at 110 with blue? Maybe not that quite intense, but the feeling is still similar for me.

Additionally, picking the 24 has felt like Im curating my own show. There is so much I would -like- to put up, but only some of it fits thematically together. To make it worse, a lot of what I cant put up is really my better, more mature work. Since Im looking for vignettes and portraits, fully articulated stories (paintings) just won’t do. (You can find the selection in my Flickr pictures, but there’s not need to include it here in this post).

The artdc monthly dinner gathering was also this weekend. It was nice to run into Michael (Arty4ever) again, and poor brad got stuck next to me yet another night :)

It’s still all about the art, though :), so Im going to close this out before I ramble on too much longer.

Oh! Wait! I know what I wanted to say:

The Pink Hat Man / Cowboy is turning out to be one of my all time favorites. Ive said that before, but not why: Expressiveness through excessive color. There are no fewer than 21 distinct colors in that pictur. It’s amazing how putting a stray stroke of a color that has nothing at all to do with the surrounding colors in that area of the picture adds to the balance of the piece over all! It’s a simple face…very little body…only the hint of a touch of background..and yet it tells a story about a specific life. It has a story – one that no one else does. Thats what Im going for in my art.

Just finished this last piece (although I might change the scarf color). It reminds me of something I wrote a long time ago…and of a friend naked in an Indian head dress in my brothers room being mollested by Saint Kimberly Insane (long story).

Pink Hat Man Insane Actor

The snippet of writing is:

“Oh, but NO! Can’t you SEE? You’ve HAD your day and your little-boy-play..and again..NO!…the show is QUITE over, and all the actors can finally go home — with their smear painted wax faces — to their dirty little beds and overworn shoes. Because, after the play, it ends up all the same…and when the makeup sweats off, and all the colours are all gone, you’re left with just me…”

 This is actually two posts in one. First of all, I have some new art in progress (left). It’s going to Skyvillain’s Sun Tsu the Clowntake some time to finish with all of the install work and other things going on, so I thought I’d put it up now. The source material is another one of skyvillain’s photos, but Ive significantly changed the color scheme and feel of it. The more time I spend with it, the happier I aXaphan’s Sisterm.

 This next image (right) is old (1993), but is new again to me – it has a great lost and found story: This picture is one of my favorite sketches that I’ve done ever ever ever ever. It is -dear- to me. But until tonight it had been LOST for years. I mean, it has been at least a decade since Ive seen it in any physical form. Also, somewhere around 1999 or 2000, I lost access to the digital copy of it. Tonight, searching around for something -completely unrelated-, I found my old geocities web page (which I could NOT find on purpose, btw, I’d looked for it) …and this image was linked in. The webarchive hardly grabbed half of the linked images on that page but THIS one, this LOST one, was saved. How often does that happen?

It’s hard to destroy information and always has been – even from ancient times. This is a great example of that.


(Apparently, I should caveat that old geocities link. The content was mostly created when I was still in High School. It’s terrible and kind of scary – go figure. It was an ugly time.)


People are interesting. For every life, there is a fascinating story to be heard.

Some stories are larger than life, grandsiose, beautiful, heart wrenching, or just outright fascinating epic works. These lives are the ones that get the most attention – they’re easy to show, easy to present, are somewhat obviously interesting, and are glorious in their own right.

 The other lives, though, are smaller, might not have any striking affect on the world around them, or just don’t plainly fit into what we think of as a well defined story. That does not make them, though, any less interesting or varied or less worth hearing about…they simply need to be given the right space.

 And in the end, no matter what our story is, whether we’re beaten or torn, pristing or dirty, large or small, well sketched or just scrawled, we (all of them) ultimately share the same fate and are part of the largest, simplest story of all: To be lit, to burn our time, and then to finally fade out.

The goal of my Vignettes in Flux installation on January 27th in Arlington is to show you these stories together: To bring into paralell, through 24 portrait sketches and small works, done over 15 years,  a variety of disconnected  lives and stories and the single fate that we all share. You will be able to look in through dusty windows and see short glimpses of the lives of these lonely pieces of art. By selecting the appropriate tracks on 2 provided CD players, you will be able to hear the artist tell the story behind the faces you see. How they came to be, Who they are, and why they exist. Some stories will be about the art, some the subjects, and sometimes you will hear both – there often isn’t any different in the artist’s mind.

Although they will begin the evening lit, these vignettes will all eventually fade into the darkness as the night progresses, their stories over.


I’m going to be using one of the garage doors at the Danville Body Shop to present these 24 pieces of art as vignettes. While most would not stand on their own, I think they are more together than they would be apart.
There will be one picture per garage door window. These pictures will be hung inside the building facing out to the parking lot so you have to look in to see them. Each one will be individually lit (using glow sticks) so you will be able to see 24 glowing windows from the outside. Each glowstick will be opened randomly throughout the day before the show so that, as the event progresses, the lights in each window will slowly start to fade one by one…dimming until they’re effectively out altogether. At the end, they should all be dark or close to it.
The pictures themselves will all be hung a small distance from the window (1 foot back?) with black wire so they appear to be floating in the air behind the windows in the light. I believe they will all be matted. The area behind the pictures will be backdropped with something black and not very reflective to give some illusion of empty space behind the art.

Id also like to provide 2 cheap ($10/$15) portable cd players mounted in front of the display. Both will have the same CD in them. A viewer will be able to select a track # based on the windows of the portrait they want to hear about…and will be presented with quick stories about the art like the ones you all heard the other night.

I like the idea of giving these sort of pieces a viewing…there normally isn’t a place for them, but I think together in this context it will come across very well….

The following link has two images of a full-scale cardboard/plexiglass mockup I did of 2 windows:

It looks like the schedule for FLUX is set – I’m looking forward to participating as both an artist and a viewer.

 Details can be found HERE.

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