This is one of my younger brothers (2 of 7, I’m 1 of 7). As discombobulated as it might appear, this 2 minute sketch is instantly recognizeable as him – the expression on his face is what does it. I could have given him long hair and breasts and, with that expression, it still would have been him. And, really, in the end, the uneasy uneven at-odds mishapen contradictory look of the drawing really reflects who he is as well. This is a man who has been at war with himself for a long time (and I love him).


As far as the posting title goes, it’s from graffiti on the inside of the Bethesda Barnes & Noble men’s bathroom door (upstairs). I mostly couldn’t think of another witty subject for this post :)

I do have some art news, though. There’s a pretty cool event called FLUX going on in Arlington this coming January 27. It’s a Salon-style events where a number of artists (myself included) will be displaying their work. There will also be live bands and other activities going on in and around that area (specifically, there’s something going on at Dr Dremo nearby). Check out Art Outlet’s site for more info.