This is actually two posts in one. First of all, I have some new art in progress (left). It’s going to Skyvillain’s Sun Tsu the Clowntake some time to finish with all of the install work and other things going on, so I thought I’d put it up now. The source material is another one of skyvillain’s photos, but Ive significantly changed the color scheme and feel of it. The more time I spend with it, the happier I aXaphan’s Sisterm.

 This next image (right) is old (1993), but is new again to me – it has a great lost and found story: This picture is one of my favorite sketches that I’ve done ever ever ever ever. It is -dear- to me. But until tonight it had been LOST for years. I mean, it has been at least a decade since Ive seen it in any physical form. Also, somewhere around 1999 or 2000, I lost access to the digital copy of it. Tonight, searching around for something -completely unrelated-, I found my old geocities web page (which I could NOT find on purpose, btw, I’d looked for it) …and this image was linked in. The webarchive hardly grabbed half of the linked images on that page but THIS one, this LOST one, was saved. How often does that happen?

It’s hard to destroy information and always has been – even from ancient times. This is a great example of that.


(Apparently, I should caveat that old geocities link. The content was mostly created when I was still in High School. It’s terrible and kind of scary – go figure. It was an ugly time.)