My my my…what a week. I’m sitting at the Starbucks near the Danville auto body shop waiting to move furniture and I’m *completely* falling-down-the-stairs exhausted even before we start. What did I get myself into? Figuring out how to hang 24 pictures while holding down an actual job is way more complicated than you would think, on the face of it. No matter, everything is coming along nicely.

My final 24 pictures for the Flux art event in Arlington were selected this weeked, Ive begun writing stories for them, and have also made a lot of progress “finishing” some older work. That’s really what the title of this post is about: I’ve been working, today, on a number of drawings that I thought were done 6,7, and more years ago. A couple of them were started in Finland before I was married. It feels odd to revist those – they’ve been such a huge part of my headspace family. Imagine if your sister, who had always been 200lbs with brown eyes, suddenly came home at 110 with blue? Maybe not that quite intense, but the feeling is still similar for me.

Additionally, picking the 24 has felt like Im curating my own show. There is so much I would -like- to put up, but only some of it fits thematically together. To make it worse, a lot of what I cant put up is really my better, more mature work. Since Im looking for vignettes and portraits, fully articulated stories (paintings) just won’t do. (You can find the selection in my Flickr pictures, but there’s not need to include it here in this post).

The artdc monthly dinner gathering was also this weekend. It was nice to run into Michael (Arty4ever) again, and poor brad got stuck next to me yet another night :)

It’s still all about the art, though :), so Im going to close this out before I ramble on too much longer.

Oh! Wait! I know what I wanted to say:

The Pink Hat Man / Cowboy is turning out to be one of my all time favorites. Ive said that before, but not why: Expressiveness through excessive color. There are no fewer than 21 distinct colors in that pictur. It’s amazing how putting a stray stroke of a color that has nothing at all to do with the surrounding colors in that area of the picture adds to the balance of the piece over all! It’s a simple face…very little body…only the hint of a touch of background..and yet it tells a story about a specific life. It has a story – one that no one else does. Thats what Im going for in my art.