God I hate writing HTML, and that’s pretty much why there isn’t going to be a more detailed FLUX post. To do it right, I’d need to futz around with actual page creation and such to link all the pictures to the sound files, organize them, etc. So, instead, I’ll put that in the background and move on with more current news.

There are pretty much three main, interralated things going on with my art right now. First of all, Henrik (of artoutlet) really liked the install I did and my overall portrait work enough to ask me to be on staff at artoutlet as a part of their Art Selection & Art Proposal group. This means, at least initially, that I’ll at least be helping out with jurying and planning some of their upcoming events. I’m really excited about the opportunity and can’t wait to get started.

On a related note, the process of doing the install at FLUX has gotten me seriously interested in doing another one. I’d like to focus on digital displays and self-illuminated works in the near future and have started investigating some digital photo frames and DIY ideas for framing laptops. Specifically, I’d like to present some of the more aesthetically pleasing information visualizations I do in an installation and some sort of self-lit display for them would really add to their impact (especially in a darker environment). Id like to use wooden frames for them to bring them closer to the tangible real world as art and out of some more abstract, almost imaginary cyber world. This emphasis on real isn’t arbitrary: The underlying data I use was created by or materially impacts real life. Whether it’s audit trails of hacking attempts or records of online activity, it’s all stuff people have done – and that is in keeping with my overall fascination with people and their daily lives. This, in fact, ties in with my ultimate goal for the next two to three months: To do a cyber self portrait of myself using self-lit, wall mounted, wood framed advizor graphs.

What do you all think? The image below is an example of what they look like:

Sources Firing

This isn’t -my- information, but I’d like to put about three different similar, but animated views of my own traffic up together. It should look really slick.

Longer term, this interest realy is turning into a desire to explore art that does not distinguish between old style, non digital, work done in traditional media and more current presentation frameworks. I also like the idea of using individual pieces of stand alone art as part of one one larger “system of systems”piece.

Anyway, I’m off to Brad the Photographer’s shindig elsewhere in DC.