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Im sitting at Starbucks (as I often am when writing these) and taking a break from everything.

The 3rd installment (Business of Journalism) in the Georgetown journalism certificate program I’m in ended last night and it was as disappointing as the other two days of the class. It’s not that the presentation of material was bad – I enjoyed the instructors actually – but the material was off-target in some hard to ignore ways.

The biggest issue was the level being taught to. If I had received the same class in high school, it probably would not have been any harder or revelatory. It felt like it was being taught for people with much less experience than we had as a class. There were at least 3 professional journalist there and everyone else (including myself) were at the top of their game in other related fields. We (although I can only really speak for myself, I think this is true for most everyone there) understand the basics here. What would have been nice is a real discussion of the -details- of the -business- side of things. We’re way past the “there are ethical issues you’ll have to resolve!” and “You have to deal with editors!” and “Journalism can be legally tricky!” stages. Given the time crunch, it would have been nice to have just covered some specific current topics and stayed with them through all three days.

My other, related, issue is that the class was titled “The Business of Journalism” and I felt that we only indirectly discussed the business side of it. We talked about the -career- of journalism, but not the business; I believe those are different topics.

Oh, and I hate working in an office at this point. It’s really driving me up the wall. Almost all of my energy right now is focused on getting another career…something more involved with people, something more alive.  And that’s how we got the title of this post: Even as busy as I am with the classes and the Second Life gallery, it’s a great great great break from the job. The only question is (and ever is) how to make enough money doing what I like?