It’s been a busy week or two since I last posted. A whole lot more work and money has gone into this gallery than I originally anticipated, but it’s been worth it completely.

I have a semi-edited video of it that’s worth checking out. My laptop couldn’t really copy well enough to get it where I wanted to be, but in the meantime this should give everyone a clear picture of what it being built (and the great art!)


We have work up from the 17 artists who took a chance on this idea that they mostly didn’t understand and it all looks gorgeous! Everyone who walks by has had nothing but good things to say. The gallery is not set up to list visitors, give gallery and artist information to newcomers who teleport in, and is basically automated finally to the point it needs to be – that’s taken up a lot of the time so far (and prims!)

The only remaining work to be done is to spread the word, and even that is well underweigh. Angela interviewed me this past weekend about Second Life, We’re on the official SL Gallery Tour, Ive sent out two classified ads in-world, we have an event scheduled on the calendar, etc.

The event ad reads:

Come help us celebrate the grand opening of the SintixErr Gallery. There will be art, giveaways, music, artists, and fun at this three hour event!

For the opening, we are hosting 17 outstanding artists and works from the Washington DC area – including:

  • A real life robot that is also an artist
  • Abstract works based on global hacking attempts
  • The woman who began “Postcards from Katrina”
  • A RL work which took years to finish but is debuting in SL

Few of these artists are in SL, but they’ve taken the chance to show here anyway, so come out the 16th and show them why this is such a fantastic place for art.

Many of them will be available to answer questions from a live artist reception in DC.

So, come along – bring a friend – have some fun – enjoy the art.

Later this week I’m also going to be sending out craigslist ads and maybe do real life press releases as well. We’ll see how the week goes.

The artists list is available HERE with all of their contact information. That same information is available near their work in the gallery.

Not everything has been work, though. I went to Enniv Zarf’s Grand Opening party which was a blast! He does some amazing work and I really admire his creativity and originality in the SL environment. His art stands on its own outside of any SL novelty value!

Here’s a photo from the party:

Second Life Krystal Epic Open Party

Also, to my pleasure and surprise, one of the artists – a skeptic even – in the show (matt Otto) has been hanging out at the gallery for the past few days. We’ve been on rollercoasters, virtual jet rides, etc. It’s been entertaining. Here’s a shot of us standing around at the gallery with a drop-in visitor from Spain:

Jack Whitsitt and Matt Otto and Random Spaniard at the gallery gallery3ppl2.jpg

More later…