Too much to do. I cant really keep track of it and my head is all over the place, so this post will be a mess. The room is coming along well. Pictures are all up except one data viz pic I sent to Chrome this morning to get printed. Ill frame that tomorrow and bring it in Wed! I also ordered a ton of business cards for the SintixErr Gallery in Second Life.

Im trying to work out the Digital Arts room, but it’s still unpainted and doesn’t have furniture. I don’t know whats happening with that part of it, but we’ll see. I know that Ill be broadcasting live into Second Life from Artomatic at least on opening night. Ill invite all my friends to artist night May 4 so I dont have to have conflicted priorities. Free alchohol that night anyway. I think Ive decided to broadcast “The Mesmers” from 7:30pm EST – 8:30pm EST on opening day (April 13) and a girl whos giving a workshop on an invented language April 14th! :) Everyone should come in person or join in Second Life!

I just not figured out what’s stressing me: A lot of what I need to do now depends on knowing when Ill be at Artomatic and what Ill be broadcasting and I just dont know…like sending out event ads or telling the Second Life people!

In other news, Tammy Vitale is doing interviews on her blog with Artomatic artists and mine just went up. Check it out HERE

Anyway, here’s a snap of me demoing live video broadcasting in Second Life to Enniv Zarf…by pointing the webcam at a stuffed panda. Above the panda is a picture of my Artomatic space as it is:

SintixErr Gallery Second Life Demonstration of Video Feed for Artomatic