April 28: I’ll be broadcasting an ArtDC.org member’s band “American Sinner” from Artomatic into the gallery from 9:00-10:00pm Saturday night.
May 4: We’ll be broadcasting a number of artists from Artomatic’s Electric Stage into Second Life, including:

(We’ll also try to project the gallery on a wall of the Electric Stage (instead of the digi room), but Im still waiting on permission for that)

May 2:  At 7:30pm in the Lapis Auditorium at Artomatic, Im going to be doing a live hands-on presentation focusing specifically on Second Life and Art, but also on the theoretical role of virtual worlds in art (SL is just the most well developed at this point). 

The overall talk is geared towards explaining more thouroughly what I’ve only talked about in short clips to people (ie, make it more coherent) and advocating the use of a vastly underutilized and underappreciated art medium and tool in a digital age.

In a larger sense, the art world is ridiculously behind the technological world and needs to catch up soonish now ;)

The (related) points Ill be covering are:

  • “How to be there when you’re not” – Second Life as a live event presentation and extension mechanism
  • “How to let people walk through your dreams with you” – Second Life as an art medium in its own right and how it can help explore ideas before creating them in real life. Here Ill be referencing some of Rebecca Gordon’s work (directly) and Tim Tate’s (indirectly) as examples (Tim’s dorkbot talk was great and I meant to do this then)
  • “Remembering your friends” – Second Life’s impact and role in presenting art and observations on the role of socialization in art
  • “Who cares and why?” – Perspectives on how to market your virtual world presence and use it to your advantage using examples of things that worked, didn’t work, and could have been done or done differently

May 5: I’ll be giving tours of the gallery and any AOM art submitted to me for Second Life Display from 7:30 – 8:30pm EST

May 12: (time TBD) Artists and observers will take part in a live group Art Critique of works from Artomatic Artists as well as artists as a part of a special session of Eshi Otawa’s weekly Open Art Critique session held every Sunday night in her gallery, the Luxor. If you’d like to participate as an artist, please send me a jpg of a piece you’d like discussed and plan on attending in Second Life or at Artomatic Saturday Evening.  If you’d just like to talk about art but don’t have any to show, please come by as well! Your input is valued )

May 18: On the 18th, we have a follk artist from Atlanta performing in Second Life and being displayed in the Digit room. The backdrop to her performance would be art submitted by AOm artists previously. (More detail here coming)

May 19: Sculpture Contest with Voting and live Artomatic bands. This will be a well -advertised and attended event.  We’d love to have ppl in the Digiroom participating and voting on the sculptures. We’re giving away almost $100 in prizes to the virtual artists this night. Again, AOM art submitted to me would be the backdrop for this event. (More detail coming)