Sometimes we all need a break from what we’ve been doing. Me more so than some. In fact, the staccato-like nature of my attention span dictates that those breaks are an integral of my daily life. That said, I usually come back around and so here we are again.

 Second Life has finally taken its appropriate place in the back seat of my day to day world and I’m back making more traditional art. While my intellect really appreciated the digital endeavors (and they are still ongoing), I just don’t get the same deep in-my-soul satisfaction from that stuff as I do from working with my hands on a tangible piece. As I’ve said before here, I like bits of material laying around afterwards. I enjoy looking over the scorched earth of my workspace when the piece is done. I enjoy the art equivalent of the satisfaction you get from manual labour. 

 That all said, here are the two new charcoals. One is an interpretation of an member, jron, who posted a number of facial-gestured focused self portraits in the thread. The second if of my wife. Neither is intended to be a literal interpretation of the individuals being drawn. I just wanted to use them has jumping off points for how I felt at the moment. Over time, I’ve gotten much better technically at reproducing proportion, form and using color, but I lost a bit of the soul in my early (teen) works. In these, and probably for the known future, Im consciously working at combining my old sketch-technique focused drawing style and the focused, specific approach to images that I learned/aquired as time went on. I think these are both good examples of the combination Im talking about.

jron from  My Wife Paivi

The picture of my wife (and a few other, older pieces) will be on display at the Wall Mountables show in Adams Morgan (Washington, DC):

DCAC Wall Mountables Show
July 20 – Sept 7th, 2007
The opening reception is July 20th from 7-9pm

District of Columbia Arts Center
2438 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009