Just a quick note to say that that was the best goddamn concert I’ve been to in my fucking life. Thank you, Cure :)  It’s been 11 years and a lifetime since the first time I saw them and they’ve done nothing but gotten better (and Robert looks the best he’s looked in more than  a decade, I think). We also met a few cool people at the show (much nicer than the avg US gig). See the next paragraph you all:

Paivi will be posting her pics soon and I’ll have video up in a week or two (I cant edit the clips here in Hong Kong and I have Virgin Festival to hit pretty much right after we get back in town – so it’ll have to be after that).  I’ll make a note here when those things happen.

Art Notes:

I did a couple of sketches on the plane to Hong Kong I’ll post later. If I had done them anywhere else, I wouldnt bother – theyre not that cool. But when you realize that I’m 6’5+ and did them in that cramped seat on a bumpy flight, you might go “ah cool” like I did. Or not – they’re just sketches. :)

I also have some silly posts to make here later about pretentious art bars.

Also, I’ll be doing a writeup of my own Wall Mountables Exhibit (vs the review of the whole thing).

All that and I need to catch up with my travbuddy blog which has been a casualty of our pace of life the past few days.

Off to sleep so I can actually make it to Macau tomorrow