Eep. I’m still deliriously tired from the Hong Kong trip. People keep asking if it’s jet lag, but it’s more the 23 hours of travel on only 2 hours of sleep :)

Anyway, I wanted to mention the fact that we -did- make it to Macau (a scary bastard triad-inhabited chinese+portuguese hybrid version of Atlantic City), but due to a combination of bank issues and a supernaturally aggressive travel guide, our stay involved running onto the first random bus we came to out of the ferry pier, getting stopped for inadvertently trying to get $2,000 worth of camera gear into a Chow Yun Fat-endorsed casino, eating unknown meat special of the day, and turning around and going home 2.5 hours later. Note for potential future visitors: Make sure you have money ahead of time (we had -no- cash) and make sure you know how to get around ahead of time. It’s really not an ok place otherwise (which should’ve been obvious in hindsight, but hey – it was at the end of a long trip for us!)

Also, for those of you waiting for images and video from the Cure concert in Hong Kong, here are some (both of these are also available via Chain of Flowers):

This is a high-def video of Fascination Street:

Paivi’s pictures can be found here:

Also, the image at the bottom of this post (Scion of Jackie Chan from the Air) was done on the return flight from HK. Here’s the text I used to describe it:

Scion of Jackie Chan from the Air

This was done somewhere over Siberia the other night.

Some of my personal favorite stuff comes out of my time in the air and the cramped space that goes with it (I cant even read a book if the person in front of me leans their seat back) puts fun restraints on me that make me think a bit about how to get stuff on paper.

For this I used charcoal and toilet paper and managed -not- to make a mess.

It took about 20 minutes, some portion of which I was on my knees in the aisle. I like the crosshatch work done instead of a solid tone in the bloodied areas of his face. I had been immersed in Chinese writing for a week and that generic set of line relationships (parallel, perpendicular, diagonal, high contrast) was messing with my head by the time I drew this and the crosshatching shows it. I regret the source photo (an HK movie ad) didn’t show more of his face – I wasn’t brave enough to try and make it up this time!