I just got done reading the latest Second Life bashing article. This one is from Wired:


I don’t get it. What is this blind spot that so many people have? To me, the value, role, and nature of virtual worlds is even more obvious than that of television, newspapers, or even the world wide web.

Why do reporters and social trendies think the rules that apply to real life suddenly go out the door when people go into a virtual world?

“Oh Noze! People don’t show up to my corporate showcase! And! When I went to another corporate virtual showcase, no one was there either!”


Have you seen the waste of space most of these places are? You have to give credit to Electric Sheep for making a business building these places, but most of what they build is boring as sin. Why on earth would anyone go there?  There’s nothing to do.

But just because the flock of sheep that makes up the bulk of advertising and marketing stuff can’t figure out how to entertain people there doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  Plenty of people do it. We’ve drawn 100-200 people to an event without using sex or casinos to do it.  It honestly wasn’t hard at all.

The only real problem here is that Second Life does a really bad job explaining to people how to go about finding content. Most people get dropped off and expect to be entertained.  It’s not a video game – it’s more like a large city. You have to go find it! And, like a big city, the really cool shit isn’t going to be the stuff with the big ads in the newspapers.

Sigh. Im going to keep making this point for years and no one will listen. Then, some marketing flunky will get hit in the head by a stray bit of insight, say the exact same thing, and the world will be revolutionized.

So it goes….