Ouch. I must’ve been pretty tired when I wrote that last post! Oh well – it’s still accurate.

Moving on…

I posted 3 self-portrait concepts to ArtDC.org the other day (you might have seen them on my flickr stream). None of them are particularly traditional and all of them relate to my exploration of the concepts of self and location.

To quote (slightly edited):

I’ve been toying with the idea of Self Portraits for a few months now in my head…especially the different perspectives people have on you…you on yourself. I’ve also been interested in how being online affects perception of people and who they are. In the past, for example, I’ve had to put my IRC nickname on my real life mailbox because no one who thought they knew me ever really knew my real name. Also, I’ve faced live life and death situations (heh, no contradiction intended) with people who only ever saw me as text on a screen. It kind of makes you wonder about what it means to be who and where you are when you can have a tangible impact on people’s lives and their whole visual perspective of you consists of moving text.

In that light, I’m very interested in what constitutes a self-portrait when so many people relevant to your life might never see your real face…when so many people have so many distinct versions of themselves they present to the outside world.
Here are three thoughts-sketched-on-screen (ie, unfinished and maybe never will be) of what my self-portrait would be depending on who you and when asked

  • In this case, the first is what old industry friends 3 years ago would see and is a direct reflection of who I was then.
  • The second is what my wife sees during a game of virtual tennis – my Nintendo Mii – and it has evolved for weeks now
  • And the third is who I am from a Second Life perspective and has taken half a year to evolve

The idea is to have a lot of these perspectives assembled together at once.

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