I’ve been getting a lot of traffic on both my technical and art resumes. There hasn’t been the time in awhile (well, there has, but other things keep beating this out) to update them. In case you’re here on one of those searches, here are some notes:

1. The Technical Resume is mostly accurate, but I’ve done a -whole lot- of unique (or at least unusual) Second Life architecture, design, and multi-world-integration and management that I think belongs there but isn’t yet.

2. It’s been a long time since I’ve been an IDS analyst and Security Device Configuration was only ever a secondary duty. I’m extremely interested (and very capable) in information design and architecture, correlation, analytics, data mining, Service Oriented Architecture, EA, and data visualization.

3. The art resume is dreadfully out of date, but you can look through this site and find examples and links of what else I’ve been working on. I’ve done a number of additional shows, work formally with Art Outlet, and have significantly broadened the scope of my art since this site started. Feel free to browse around.


Tomorrow: 2D Art for 0 Project made from Second Life