So I feel a bit bad now about completely wiping out my 13,000+ square meters of Second Life territory, but it had to be done. I’m in a groove with work and I’m running a 10k (6 miles) in the Pentagon City area with Angela in 2 months. Those two things alone need all of my concentration. Maybe early next year I’ll get back to virtual worlds – I was really getting to an interesting place by using it as a starting place for 2D art finished in real life – but we’ll see how it goes.

If you’ve been watching my flickr stream, you’ll have noticed that I haven’t abandoned art all together. Rather, the focus for the past several weeks has been on taking local photographs and using them as the base layer for further work. Ive been very much interested in manipulating point of view post-shot. This has manifested itself in a series of photographs where I’ve layered multiple level settings and saturations on top of each other to bring different components of the image into highlight (the raw shapes, primary tones and colors, etc.) all while keeping the shadow of the original image around beneath to hint at what the eyes would see without the manipulations. I don’t kid myself that I’m experienced here, but I’ve enjoyed looking at my own output.

I also opened the new blog ( but there is nothing there. I had much better names in mind for the blog, but the wordpress site had some short term memory issues at the time and my names got lost in the ether beyond. Oh well.

There is also some camera coolness going on here as well – I’ll be moving into the world of DSLR soon. My wife just ordered herself a new Canon 40D!!!! (should arrive tomorrow), so I’ll be inheriting the Digital Rebel XT. This means we get to share the L series lenses I got her for Christmas last year :)

Lastly, as if anyone cares, I really made some progress with my architecture modeling efforts at work today. It’s all about Michelangelo’s quote about finding the structure in the stone and not forcing something that’s not there.