Anti War Protest: The Letter A

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Sweet. While I might be a bit behind the curve here, I just discovered that I can blog straight from Flickr to wordpress. This is out standing and will definitely increase the number of posts coming from me. I’ve recently updated and rearranged my flickr account for the first time in MONTHS and have been spending a lot of time there.

My wife and I have begun to get a lot more serious about photography and have been spending a lot of time out and about taking pictures. On Sunday, Angela Kleis joined us (although she forgot her batteries) and it was so much fun that we’ll be doing it again next Sunday- with cool fun gear

The main star of the experimentation will be a Rolleiflex camera from 1951-1954ish. It’s old, manual, and cool looking.

She also picked up a Holga for us so we could be like all the artdc cool kids (Angela will be bringing hers Sunday as well). That means there will be three of us running around shooting everything we see. Im seriously looking forward to it!

As for this picture, it was taken (as all of mine are lately) with a Digital Rebel XT. It’s been set to take B&W (ie, the B&W isnt a later Photoshop conversion) and a virtual “red filter”.

The scene of the picture was the recent DC anti war protest (we were just there to document, not participate). It really remind me of something from Mirrormask or Neverwhere….