Anti War Protest: Hot Communists

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The world is sort of funny.

You can be in the middle of a crazy, pulsating mass of humanity moving all around you and still be isolated from the event itself. You might speak to people next to you. You could shout out in excitement. You can bump and be bumped trying to find a better spot.

Still, most of the time, you haven’t affected things one way or another.

But, show up with an SLR and act like you belong there, and things change. Strangers look you in the eye and children smile. The world stops for the shutter and then keeps moving.It surprises me that the very act of documenting an event makes you a part of it. I’ve always heard about journalists and photographers not wanting (or at least openly) to be the news or the event and, yet, when they’re there they’re as natural as the weather.

Why is this? Is it because constant documentation and observation have become part of who we are as a culture? It seems maybe so.

Once, I heard that 1 in 10 Americans has been on TV. I wonder what the stats are for those that have been featured online in pictures taken by a stranger?

Weird. I’ve rarely felt more involved in the world around me than when Im an anonymous person behind a serious looking camera and it’s one of my favorite things, so far, about my exploration of the craft.

(Regarding the title of the picture that inspired the post: I doubt they were “communists”, but the bandanna thing at protests is so cliche’d -insert alternate political system of your choice here- at protests that it’s a bit silly)