White and Black House
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I really don’t spend all of my time in Second Life (despite the recent frequency of posts about it). In fact, lately, it’s only been 2 hours a week or so.

However, a fellow WordPress browser recently commented here on an entry asking why people don’t pay more attention to “the real world” than Second Life. It was a good question – but easily answered. One of the responses is that SL makes a particularly interesting way of communicating with groups of people remotely. Much better than voice conferences, videocasts, etc.

Here’s one example seen in a recent in-world announcement:

Paulo Casaca, member of the European Parliament of the European Union, will appear live, to discuss the Iraqi Conflict on Friday, January 18th @ 12pm SL time. The region will be closed to entry during this event. Mr. Casaca is the first member of European Union to launch a Second Life presence, to discuss global concerns with all citizens. Efforts to examine the Iraq Conflict, in a search for solutions, included travel to this region in January of 2007. The results of his findings were presented in an issued report to the European Parliament – and continued to world wide universities and institutions. Mr. Casaca is a former Professor of Economics with the Azores University. Registration is limited -register via email to irah_anatine@hotmail.com or via SL note/im. Students, educators and media will be given privileged access.

Ok, so the picture isnt of anything to do with EU or SL…but it DOES make you think of things vaguely gov’t! (And I guess propaganda related. Hmm. Heh)