I put together a formal presentation for Art Outlet last week outlining, in concept, how an island in Second Life would support the organization’s mission statement, operate within its bylaws, how much it would cost to build and operate, and what it’s operational goals were.

Henrik (Exec Director) and Josh (heads the Art Advisory Board) both loved it and there is enough funding available (via a specific donation) so we’ll be moving forward. The three of us will be sitting down soon and tracking down a tax-lawyer familiar with 501c(3)’s so that we can nail down the financials and legalities.

I’m also working on forming my own LLC so I can funnel and track this kind of work through a company front. This should help keep it separate from anything I do personally and allow me to more easily contract for work unrelated to my day job. Angela suggested going through legalzoom to do it, and I might end up doing that. It’s not that expensive ultimately.

Anyway, it’s all good news on that front. We’re also having our first board meeting tonight in some time. It should be really productive and Im exciting about what Art Outlet is up to.


I’ve also -finally- updated both of my resumes to my satisfaction. The technical summary is as follows:

Top Secret cleared enterprise information security architect, data correlation and analysis specialist, and experienced conference speaker desires opportunities to support organizations in coping with the problems of turning data into knowledge in an efficient, secure manner.

Also interested in projects to utilize technical experience in combination with art background to explore and develop new human experiences through virtual worlds and networked Human Computer Interfaces.

This is the first time in awhile I’ve managed to get the technical one down to two pages. I HATE writing resumes. Click on the links on the right side of the page for further info, though :)