First, an update. I finally got my WPA membership taken care of and my info in their artfile (thanks, Angela, for mentioning it to me). You can now find the link in one of the right-hand columns, or just click…HERE

Second, Paivi and I, with Angela’s help and company, got our submissions framed today for the Photo 08 competition in Arlington. It’s one of the few juried events I’ve submitted to, one of the fewer photo events Ive submitted to, and the only one so far that has required pre-framed submissions. But this meant that the process ended up being kind of cool for me (if more expensive than I would have liked) since it involved creating something of tangible value from my photography (and from Paivi’s) by actually getting images printed and framed.

I was also particularly interested in submitting for this show, in part, because of the juror: David Griffin, Director of Photography & Senior Editor for National Geographic. For whatever reason, it seemed like the kind of photos I take would be more appropriate than – for example – The Fraser gallery competition. The same goes for Paivi’s photos.
I had considered having Chrome do the work but, honstly, I can’t tell the difference between Chrome images and the printer we have at some (and certainly not when you account for expense). So, after spending a few hours (don’t ask) getting the HP Photosmart to print the right sized, we were ready to go.

Here are the three I chose (click for larger):

Your World Snow WorldLady Finger BugNYC Subway Boi

What do you think? I know I completely regretted what I sent to the Fraser thing. What was I thinking? I also didn’t send the “Waiting for Love” pic (the dress outside of a building in Adams Morgan). I love the pic, but others needed their chance!

We ended up doing the framing work, as usual, at the Framer’s Workroom (DIY). I hope we didn’t cause too much of back-up by bringing six pieces at once for framing! :) Also hope I didnt look to grungy. Angela and I came straight there from running 6 miles on the mall!

It’s been a fun, cool day overall and I’m looking forward to DC9 tonight!

Edit: I just found out one of my oldest friends (knew in FL, lives in DC, small world) who is a tech writer by day…has taken up sword swallowing and other sideshow things! How cool is that?