Ok. So the space is done (minus a guestbook which Ill try and bring in before the Cure show Friday at the Patriot Center).

It’s a little more cleaned up than the last picture, better lighting, straightened drapery, a table, etc.

I ultimately ran out of time to do all the extra stuff I wanted to do. Ill most likely look back on that as a good thing.

It’s still fun to see people realize for the first time why the picture is so pixelated!! Dawning realization…a smile…then “oh wow!”…tough to get tired of that!

The position is really unfortunate the way it faces away from the foot traffic, but Im lucky to have a space at all and even luckier to be across from Angela and Paivi.

I also like the way my space looks next to my neighbor’s.

Here’s a shot of Erin (right) getting holga shots of Paivi (left), Angela (middle), and their spaces:

(As a side note, Paivi has two pictures of me up….that makes 4 portraits of me total up at Artomatic this year. Wtf? Im -not- photogenic) :)