Last night was fantastic. It started off kind of quiet, but even at 6-something, plenty of people were milling about. The number of people there was perfect. Enough to feel well-attended on all 9 floors, but not so many that you couldn’t move around.

Early on, I had a lovely conversation about art, politics, technology, cataloging, and other sundry topics for about 20 minutes with a woman whom I found out later was a friend of Rebecca.

Not many of my most recent “friends” made an appearance, but I did see quite of few of my old and good ones. Justin Marino, for example, and his girlfriend were there. It was funny, but in the time (years?) they’ve been together, this is only the 2nd time I’ve met her and I was wearing the same scary paisley shirt in both cases, heh.

Similarly, another friend – again, Justin-Bryce – came to chat for awhile. Justin and I grew up near to each other in Daytona Beach Florida, met at Duke University during a middle school summer program, and have had many various adventures together. We’ve even worked for the same company here in DC. Twice. His girlfriend is actually on artdc (which I found out last night) as craftpunk….whom Id had suspicions about, but no confirmation Wink

This was the first time Id seen Justin since he became one of only 45+ people since 1950 to cut his esophagus open swallowing a sword.

Throughout the evening, I was entertained and interested in watching people interact with my art and really As more and more people cam by, I started seeing a pattern. Some of them saw the “big” picture. Others just saw the small ones. So, I put some tape down on the floor in the shape of a “1”. Then made a straight line of tape closer to the piece with a “2”. The reaction to the piece was SO much more interactive after I did that and the response improved even further. (Ill post a pic of that Wed of this week.)


  • A couple didnt want to buy my piece, but asked if I did commission work and enthusiastically repeated (more than once) that they’d be in touch. I doubt they well, but I was happy to have that kind of interest.
  • One girl walked up and down my tape line then went to grab 5 other people to bring them and show them the piece from another side of the floor completely.
  • One couple spent 5 minutes just talking about it.
  • Etc.

The best time, though, was spent with Secret Sean, Kerri, Brad, Erin, Michael, and other artdc’ers. Secret Sean and Kerri, and particular, spent a great deal of time with us. It really made the night.

(Especially on the metro on the way home. Because….thats the way we roll)

We also made a stop at Miss 5 NE C3’s space to see what kind of art she had brought to the table (after she trashed -everyone else’s art- at Artomatic. It’s too bad her attitude was so bad, I would’ve thought better of the art. (Can find the thread here: