Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, oh my!  The biggest thing on my mind right now is a pair of newly acquired airline tickets to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam Paivi’s virtual possession!  A few days ago, our friends Doug and Nguyet emailed a small group of people:

We bought airfare tickets! – Woo! leaving from SF for Nov. 20 – Dec. 12

from AAA it’s $xxxx round trip for each of us. That includes tax, fees everything. You read that right!

So anyone interested? If so, act soon cause I’m sure that price won’t be around for long.
Don’t have AAA membership? it’s worth paying $xx for that price to Asia.

So, I saw that and initially thought: Oh Cool. That’ll be fun for them.
But then, the morning for on (really, a few minutes later).  I was in a pretty bad mood then and Artomatic’s glorious randomness of artistry was heavily on my mind.  I kept looking at the email and thinking “Meh. Not enough vacation time.  Not enough money. Paivi would never agree to it. It’s not worth it to go for a shorter time.”

Yet, somehow, I found myself replying to Nguyet anyway:

Awesome. Seriously considering it. Will let figure it out in the next day or two

I was???? I guess so. Huh.

By later that same day, Paivi had bought us two tickets and the trip was set.

We’re going to fly in to Vietnam and then figure out the trip from there.  Nguyet’s refugee camp in Malaysia is on the to-do list as is Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Bangkok in Thailand, and I might be interested in seeing the tunnels at Chu hi.  We’ll see how it goes – have something like 20 days to explore!

I still don’t know how to handle the work situation, but I’ll figure out something that makes everyone happy. This was too much of a good idea to not jump on and I’m really, really glad we did.