First of all, I wanted to share the HD video of the opening Cure song at Madison Square Garden – Underneath the Stars.

If you want the high quality version, click this link and then the “Watch in High Quality” link below that:

Otherwise, here yah go:

(You can also find “A Night Like This” from the same show in this post: )

Secondly: We got back in yesterday afternoon from our two day stay in New York for back to back Cure shows (at Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall).  As previously mentioned, the first was an amazing, high powered show which was one of the best I’ve seen. Radio City Music Hall was equally well-played, but while the venue had an air of intimacy lacking at the Garden, our seats weren’t nearly as good and I didn’t feel quite as “connected” to the show as before (despite Robert walking all up and down the side stairs of the venue). I didnt get any pictures – just video – but spiggy has a ton.

They can be found here:

I’ll do a mini-review later (probably…I obviously dont always follow through on the “later”‘s here), but I wanted to thank all of the Chain of Flowers people we hung out with at Heartland and later…Laurie, Randy, Beckenbach, Danny, Karen, Veronica, others whos names Im blanking on for the moment :)  One of the things I enjoy about travelling to see the Cure is all the people we get to meet, and this group was particularly fun.  Hope to see you all around :)