We leave Thursday. That’s 4 and a half days from now. Doug and Nguyet are already in San Francisco and the next time we’ll see them is at the Hong Kong airport right before the last leg of our trip to Vietnam. We’ll be there for three weeks and, while that’s not a lot of time for tried-and-true-backpacking-scenesters, it’s a lot for us on a complete whim (and on unpaid leave).  Still, we’re looking at it as a test-run for a longer trip through the area.

Now that it’s so close to departure time, I’ve been taking a close look at what I’ve bought or selected for the trip and what I actually want to carry. It’s kind of interesting how much “technology” there is for something as old and simple as backpacking. I’d like to think I travel minimally (and I usually only take a single school-sized backpack on ANY trip), but the geek in me (and the corporate consumer) couldn’t resist getting “feature packed” gear.  From a $299 ASUS Eee linux laptop to a kindle to “medicating runners socks” to zip off pants etc, there was some actual bit or technological feature in almost everything I decided to bring that made me decide to bring it. Could I have just brought t-shirts? Sure. But I needed lightweight fast drying wicking shirts :P

Click the pic below to go to Flickr. Each item in the pic is labeled with what it is, if youre interested:

I’ll post more trip details tomorrow – like where exactly we’re going for sure and what we’d like to try and see.