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We’ve been back in the U.S. for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve been a bit blown out and wasn’t up to posting anything till now.

You may (or may not) have noticed that I posted all of 0 entries during the trip. That had a lot to do with two things: Time and Infrastructure.  First, we were really too busy to spend a lot of time posting and, when we did have time, I was just too beat to post and opted to sleep. Second, there weren’t all that many places to post -from- (wrt net access) and those that we did have access too were usually incredibly slow ).

What I found out, though, is that twitter is incredibly useful in situtations like this.  I was able to get quick bits out somewhat on the fly to keep everyone updated without having to spend the time on a full blog post or deal with hefty websites that took forever to load.

So, in that light, I thought I’d post the 45 or so twitter updates from the trip here as one blog post:

  • In Chicago! 12:02 PM Nov 20th from tx
  • is sitting in Hong Kong airport waiting to see Doug and Nguyet. Flight for Saigon in 2.5 hrs or so. Didnt expect to be here again ever 6:05 AM Nov 21st from web
  • In Saigon. Long day. About to hit bar “apocalypse now”. Know it’s cheesy. Nguyet has fallen victim to sleep! 11:08 AM Nov 22nd from twitterrific
  • ok, so Apocalypse now was a thumpity thump club. total bust. Tried the garden bar on top of rex. ripoff! ended at pizza place. $1.50 beers 11:59 PM Nov 22nd from web
  • Off to cambodia today! 6:31 PM Nov 23rd from twitterrific
  • in Phnom Phen, Cambodia. Ate ourselves silly. Best part of trip! Took 2 tuktuk rides around town. Insane. Torture museum sombre,worthwhile. 8:51 AM Nov 24th from web
  • Phnom Penh, not Phen. Going to stay two days here…hadnt planned on coming at all. Killing Fields demain. Fast boat to Siem Reap, next am 8:53 AM Nov 24th from web
  • is having some mixed feelings about his ‘holiday in cambodia’ 11:53 AM Nov 27th from mobile web
  • Still in Siem Reap. Love Cambodia. Will be back here next year!. Sorry out of touch, tho – really bad internet connections. Pics to come 11:31 AM Nov 28th from web
  • Saw Cambodiia photo show today. Met famous photographer Paivi wanted to meet!! Leave Cambodia tomorrow. Heading to meet Quan in Hanoi. 11:32 AM Nov 28th from web
  • sitting in the Cambodian equivalent of Starbucks catching up on the internets. Doug is checking news – we havent seen any for a week 2:45 AM Nov 29th from web
  • is waiting with Paivi for the “Religious Wealth” from Angkor Wat to come pouring in 3:47 AM Nov 29th from web
  • Last 24 hrs insane. Drunk hotel employee. Party with hotel employee at Karaoke. Employee vomits while negotiating $700 tour package. (more) 10:39 AM Nov 30th from web
  • Multiple ATM withdraws 4 tour lock cards. Cab scam attempt when arrive in country. Paivi hit by motorcycle today (shes fine, bruised) 10:41 AM Nov 30th from web
  • met quan from tonight in Hanoi. Saw his studio. Paivi and I bought a piece of his. Nguyet and Doug did too. Awesome work! 7:35 AM Dec 1st from web
  • There are very few things in life as cool as jumping off a 3 story boat into Ha Long Bay in the midst of a perfect sunset. 1:43 AM Dec 3rd from web
  • cant seem to upload pics to flickr from these connections. sad. At Halong Bay on Cat Ba Island. Long hike to mountain top earlier. 5:33 AM Dec 3rd from web
  • @translucent_eye getting pics of the hike was harder than one might imagine,but we did get some. Ha Long Bay boat pics = heat achingly petty 5:07 AM Dec 4th from web in reply to translucent_eye
  • @tracyleephoto that was the idea :) (DK’s). I would’ve said more but by that time, I was pretty gone. Only hangover of trip was the next am! 5:08 AM Dec 4th from web in reply to tracyleephoto
  • back in Hanoi. Binh fckd up train tix and didnt tell us. Leaving for Hue 3 hrs earlier. Trying to meet Quan to do handoff of the paintings 5:18 AM Dec 4th from web
  • is in a hotel in Hue that, at $20/night, is as big as his apartment. Rainy day, everyone feeling a bit run down. Overnight train was cool 4:29 AM Dec 5th from web
  • is drinking a tiger beer, waiting for the others’ motivation to kick back in…that or their stomachs to be empty. ;) 6:04 AM Dec 5th from web
  • today was win. 5 shirts being tailor made, best shot of rum ive had – only cost $0.30, banana pancakes, lemon pancakes, pho, mystery meat! 8:19 AM Dec 6th from web
  • Time to do laundry in the bathroom sink. Having 3.5 sets of clothes for 3 weeks entails a lot of this 10:39 AM Dec 6th from web
  • Picked up shirts and formal dresses from 2 tailors. Off to the third and to eat more fantastic street sweets in Hue! 6:22 AM Dec 7th from web
  • we’ve had something like 17 or 18 pieces of clothing made between the 4 of us in 24 hours. heh. Off to beaches of Phu Quoc tomorrow! 10:37 AM Dec 7th from web
  • 2nd day on Phu Quoc island. First was spent in shared bungalo at isolated beach to the north. Ocean is perfect. 8:29 AM Dec 9th from web
  • One more day at the beach, then back to Saigon for an afternoon, then home. Still need to buy some snake whiskey for self and friends/fam 8:52 AM Dec 9th from web
  • Headed back to Saigon today. Back home tomorrow. Yesterday, I got a full body massage and helped doug play a coral reef for a tropical fish! 9:58 PM Dec 10th from web
  • Im not sure what winter melon tea in a can actually is….but it’s good! 11:26 PM Dec 10th from web
  • is back at Madam Cuc’s in Saigon. Almost feels like home! 2:05 AM Dec 11th from web
  • Hot as hell. Foot killing me again tonight. Affecting my mood. Time for home, I think. Did buy 4 bottles of whiskey with cobras in them! 8:58 AM Dec 11th from web
  • @turbo3k absolutely! These are roughly 2-shot bottles – 1 snake apiece. Should see all the reptiles they fit into the huge huge bottles ;) 9:06 AM Dec 11th from web in reply to turbo3k
  • Lady in front of me in plane got up on her chair n her knees facing it, and tried to ram it back because my knees were blocking it. tall sux 9:35 PM Dec 11th from web
  • Im still in the future!!! Flight for Chicago leaves in an hour-ish 9:40 PM Dec 11th from web
  • in Chicago at O’Hare. Foot was so swollen from flight it wouldnt fit back in shoe. OHare security is awful. Want a hamburger! 2:24 PM Dec 12th from web
  • checked bag made safe from dc-chicago-HK-saigon, phnom penh-hanoi, hue-saigon, saigon-phu cuoc, back, saigon-HK, HK-Chicago. Not Chi-DC tho 5:41 PM Dec 12th from web
  • bag is supposedly scanned on the next flight into DC from chicago. If it’s not, I very well may lose my shit. Ive had -enough- 5:42 PM Dec 12th from web
  • @elegantmachines im convinced “civilization” isnt the right word for it at all. 5:45 PM Dec 12th from web in reply to elegantmachines
  • is home, w bag. Guess TSA wanted to mollest my bag a bit xtra, put on next flight. United lady was way rude. after 24hrs travel, not in mood 6:41 PM Dec 12th from web

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