UPDATE: Please see this link for the most current agenda. The one in the post is outdated: https://sintixerr.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/cyber-program_1020.pdf

So, one of the things I get to do as part of my job which has been pretty exciting is to put together the agenda for our 2nd annual Cyber Security in Transportation summit. It’s happening November 1 & 2 this year in the DC area and is going to be full of outstanding talks for all ages and backgrounds. ;) The summit is aimed at executives and decision makers from within the transportation industry who might be effected by cyber security or whos actions may affect the security of their organizations. We’re covering general cyber security themes as well as transportation specific ones. If you’re in the transportation sector – pipeline, aviation, freight rail, mass transit, highway & motor carrier – and want to attend, let me know at sintixerr@gmail.com.

The tentative agenda currently looks like this:

Summit Schedule (Click for Larger)















Industry Case Studies

Four discussions of transportation-specific cyber security concerns and perspectives: Incidents, Best Practices that worked, Lessons Learned, Soap Box Scenarios , etc.

Public/Private Partnership

Sector Collaboration

Based on outcomes of this summer’s Transportation Cyber Security Exercise


Panel: Maritime

Representatives of the Maritime mode will discuss  topics of common interest




General Cyber Security Awareness Talks & Panels

Panel: Offensive Perspectives

Non-technical perspectives from well-known offensive researchers

Panel: Threats in the News

Current threats in the news such as APT, Stuxnet, and Anonymous


Panel: Executive Perspectives

Concerns and solutions in today’s environments


Panel: Risk Management

Cybersecurity impacts on business risk management


Verizon Data Breach Incident Report

An empirical overview of current trends

Social Networking

Ups, downs, concerns and impacts of social networking on cyber security

Users and Awareness

Exploration of the most critical aspect of cyber security: Users

 Verizon Data Breach Incident Report: Bryan Sartin/Verizon Business   
Industry Case Study 1: Boeing Mike Garrett/Boeing   
Panel: Offensive Perspectives: Kevin Finisterre Ruben Santamarta  Mark Fabro
Social Media: Patrick Gray/CISCO   
Panel: Maritime Stakeholders  (USCG & Industry)   
Panel: Threats in the News: Scot Terban (Anonymous) Liam O Murchu / Symantec (Stuxnet)  (APT) 
Industry Case Study 2: Transportation Control Systems Darryl Song/Volpe   
Keynote:  Vice Admiral Parker/ USCG   
Panel: Executive Perspectives: Amit Yoran/Netwitness Gus Hunt/CTO of CIA  
Sector Collaboration   
Users & Awareness Mike Murray/MAD Security      
Panel: Risk Management Jack Johnson/PWC Russell Thomas  Jack Whitsitt