This year, thanks largely to Josh Corman, I had the opportunity to speak at Source Boston.  It was an interesting experience and the first time in a couple of years I’ve had the chance to talk in front of a general security/hacker audience (Bsides Chicago was the last) – vs one focused on critical infrastructure specifically (like a  NATO conference in Tbilisi, Georgia).   Thanks Josh. Also, Thanks Jen Giroux for helping my lens myself – your perspective was crucial.

More important than my talk are the slides themselves.  I managed to put together one of the only presentations you’ll find with relatively short summary of the critical infrastructure landscape that also provides some framing help and advice on how to approach the topic more effectively (See this post for a longer treatment of the executive order sections).  It’s meant to have a strong verbal component, so if something seems incomplete or your need more information, feel free to ping me.  I hope you enjoy. (PDF HERE)

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