So, since several people who haven’t had a chance to hear me go on about it in person have asked (in concern) about my “Hey, I’m going to be indefinitely and intentionally homeless starting in August, yay!” posts (most notably my dad heh), I thought I’d explain a little (if still not enough) here:

By August 1 I will, for all intents and purposes and unless something WILDLY unexpected blows up, have absolutely no obligations whatsoever beyond my job, which will by then be location-independent (for awhile). I’ve never actually, as an adult, not had obligations. Most people haven’t and it’s kind of a neat opportunity. I’d be terribly remiss (and a bit chicken!) if I didn’t take advantage of the freedom while I have it, so I’m going to.  I’ve mentioned several possible scenarios, but the main point is that I’ll really, with the exception of August, leave absolutely every possibility open until the last minute.  For example, I REALLY want to go back to Phnom Penh in Cambodia. I Loved that city. But I also want to bike/hike/camp around for a bit. I’ve been meaning to for years, I had SOME plans last year which fell through because of gout primarily, so why not now? Etc. Etc. Etc. What would YOU do if you didn’t have to be anywhere in particular for a year or longer? Not “sit in a perfectly typical looking apartment in a city you’ve lived in for 10 years” probably. Well, I wouldn’t. I won’t! But I won’t know what that looks like till I get there. :)

I also want to take some time to develop some of my art and explore some other potential career options…I’ve developed some skills that could turn into an actual NON-computer career if properly nurtured…and god knows I’m sick of looking at freaking computers.  But, that said, within my career space – specifically cybersecurity – I’ll not only still be running workshops, training, and writing for Energysec (who are awesome) but I’ll also be VERY MUCH AVAILABLE for independent strategic cybersecurity consulting, workshop participation & conference speaking, training, and writing gigs that fall outside of Energysec’s scope.  I can travel to you. :) Email me? My quality is high, my rates will be low <smile>.

I realize that there are plenty of cliche’s about “going to find yourself”, but this is significantly more concretely and specifically driven than that.  For example, I genuinely don’t like living in one place, in one apartment. It’s claustrophobic for me. So, I’m not going to if I don’t have to.  At least until I get bored or something external forces me to stop. I might write up something longer about the internal motivations, but for now I think you get the idea.

Sooo..that all said, what are my concrete plans? Here’s a schedule of what I know:


EDIT FROM OLD: These Plans Have been Updated (Although Remain Thematically Similar). See: