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I guess once I get going, I keep going for awhile. Recently, I put up some T-shirts for sale which use my art for designs. However, after a few years of showing them, I also wanted to get some of my data and security visualization art available as well and, yesterday, I finally did it.  You can click here to go to the store:

Data Visualization Art Prints

Some of these don’t look quite as surreal or “clean” as other data visualization art, but that’s because I’m very interested in the specific cross-section of usability and “prettiness” in the aesthetics of images: The place where what makes them useful is also what makes them attractive. Finding that line, in my mind, is what makes them “art”.  One could make some really cool looking images out of most semi-structured data, but it would cease to be useful. The ones here retain their function to security and data analysts while, at the same time, being attractive pieces.

If you’re interested in other security visualization information, try


I’ve spammed this particular link everwhere else I can think of, but still neglected to post it here on my blog.

Basically, I was approached a few months ago by a senior editor of Symantec’s online magazine “Norton Today” because they were interested in doing a piece on Art and Security. I was approached because of my old work in security data visualization and the fact that’d I’d started to rework and hang the pieces in art shows like Artomatic and My Space on 7th.

Anyway, the interview went really well (in addition to being a lot of fun) and it’s now online at:

(Edit: This link now appears down after a few months. Symantec has republished the article here: )

They used a few older images in their Flash slideshow (My fault – I didnt get them newer images in time).  These were the originals we used at NetSec to do analysis and which have been in a number of presentations (and were in the batch I sent to ArcSight as examples when they were still developing Interactive Discovery, iirc).

You can find the “art” versions that I’ve hung up in galleries at the following link:

I’m still interested in working more of these, but have been moving from graphing – which was a necessity of the business at the time – into a broader field of ontological information/concept representation in art.

(This is in addition to my media experimentation with / interest in projection. I think Id like to merge these two tracks together in the future, but havent gotten there yet.)

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